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How the TranslationClassifieds Web Site Works for You!

How the TranslationClassifieds.com web site Works for You!

Welcome to THE online business marketplace where individuals and organizations interested in translation can find the resources they need or offer their products or services to those who need them. TranslationClassifieds.com is a business and commercial networking medium for the translation community in particular and more generally the linguistics community on a global scale.

Free classified ad listings: TranslationClassifieds offers free basic classified ad listings to individuals and freelancers in most of this website's categories who have an interest in linguistic services in general and translation expertise in particular. To encourage individuals and freelancers to use this site, all basic listings or postings in most but not all categories are FREE for a limited time period! (Refer to our basic listing information for more details.)

FREE listings are the first step and the simplest way to advertise on TranslationClassifieds.
 Free listings are placed as they come in. In other words, the most recent ad placement will appear at the top 20 of the listings on the home page of the site until it is pushed down by the next ad. Once the listing is ‘pushed off’ the front page, it remains in the category or sub-category that it was listed in when originally posted.

Anyone, individuals, freelancers, NGOs, and businesses alike qualify to earn free listings on this site IF their posting(s) are considered to be of Content Contribution Value. (Refer to our Content Contribution Credits program information for more details.)

Community advertising: TranslationClassifieds is an ideal networking and lead generation system for the global translation community as well as the broader linguistics community.

Paid services: You can easily make your own community web page to advertise your product or service by creating a storefront on this site. You can even use your community web page as your affiliate linked page to earn credits.

Link(s) to Your Web Site(s): Your ads link to your web site if you so choose. Your ads can also be linked to any affiliate program that you are promoting or to your own site's affiliate program. YOU choose the URL that you wish to promote.

Link Exchange: If you link your web site to the TranslationClassifieds web site, you can avoid having to pay for a storefront or any of the other fee-based services on this site. Find out how by reviewing our link exchange program.

Banner advertising: Your ad or banner will be displayed at the top of our pages or in 'skyscraper' format on the right hand side of our pages. If you don't have your own banner, we can make one for you. You can use this banner ad anywhere you wish on this site: home page; category; sub-category; site map; etc. Banner advertising is a credits based program; you can either buy banner advertising outright or gain some credits from us by agreeing to a banner-exchange program. You can also earn banner advertising credits by joining our free affiliate program.
 Our banner advertising is very effective because the TranslationClassifieds web site has a highly targeted audience.

Individuals, private sector organizations, NGOs, government institutions: ALL are welcome to post listings on this site. The only requirement is that the listing be relevant or of interest to the translation and/or linguistics community. The postings can be of interest to a localized audience or to national, international or global audiences.

There are some exceptions to this requirement. The linguistics community in general and the translation industry in particular are far from being "all work and no play." So, in order to inject a bit of an edge into this site and give it broader appeal, we have created some generic categories like a Travel & Adventure listing section, as well as sections on Lifestyles, Esoterica and a "can't be without" Personals area. We invite our visitors and listing members to have some fun and entertain themselves with these listing sections.

To encourage individuals and freelancers to use this site, all basic listings or postings in most but not all categories are FREE for a limited time period! (Refer to our basic listing information for more details.) All that is required of visitors who wish to post a listing, advertisement or announcement is that they register as members. The registration process to become a member is simple: you supply a valid e-mail address and your first name. Note: WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. (Refer to the TranslationClassifieds Privacy Policy for more details.)
There is a 30-day time limit imposed on free listings and we recommend that you consult our Pricing page to determine what pricing program best suits your need if you wish to extend the the time that your listing is posted.

Visitors are not required to register in order to scan the listings.

The Tools & Resources category contains a rich compilation of translation tools and resources for translators and the users of translation services. It features detailed descriptions of the best that the internet has to offer in terms of language resources, particularly as they relate to the field of translation. The resources are posted in a classified ad format along with links to their respective web sites.

Listing or Posting?
All visitors wishing to post a listing (i.e. 'sell' a product or service) on this site must first register as members. Registration is quick and simple. We only require the first name and a valid e-mail address from those who wish to become members of this site. E-mail addresses submitted will be verified via an e-mail response validation process prior to new members being granted posting privileges. Please review this site's terms of use -- terms of service for more detailed information on our policies as well as our privacy policy before registering. The Register tab in the navigation menu bar will take you to the registration login page for new members. If you are already a registered member, go to the Login page.

ABOUT PRICING: Basic "no frill" Listings are FREE for a limited period.
Our current pricing and listing plans can be found on the Listing Prices page. Most listings may be posted FREE of charge by registered members for a limited period of time. Listings with enhancements such as URL links, image uploads, storefront facilities, enhanced listing features such as, but not limited to, member controlled HTML coding capabilities are fee-based. The posted pricing is subject to change without notice and at any time.

POST a DISPLAY AD on this Site
All the details for posting a display ad on this site are listed on this page. Be seen online prominently by the people that count in the global translation community. Contact us now to make arrangements.

Translation 'Job' Listing Categories. The following categories are reserved for listings pertaining to translation jobs or work assignments:



    Other 'Job' Listing Categories. The following categories are reserved for listings pertaining to freelance jobs or work assignments related to areas that are of interest to the translation industry:

    Translation Organization Advertising Categories. The following categories are reserved for listings (i.e. advertisements) posted by bona fide organizations offering translation services:



    Other Advertising Categories. The following categories are for the posting of general advertisements that are of interest to people working in the translation sector as well as individuals and organizations interested in the broader field of linguistics:




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