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TranslationClassifieds Affiliate Program
Terms & Conditions -- Setup Instructions

How our affiliate program works

You are not required to have your own web site to become an affiliate.

Once you have submitted your request to become an affiliate and we have granted you Affiliate Privileges you will have your own personal page which will display any html you wish in addition to a table containing all of your currently active listings on this site. You can modify your Affiliate Page with your own html by accessing your Account, clicking [my current information], then [edit my info] and entering your html into the Affiliate Page HTML text area.

Use your Affiliate Page to display a link back to your own website, list additional products, etc. The TranslationClassifieds Affiliate program only offers representation to sites which have been approved by the TranslationClassifieds site review administrator. Membership as a TranslationClassifieds Affiliate is exclusive and is only offered to professionally designed, content web sites. Not all web sites are accepted into our program. Those that are accepted enter into a business relationship with wedotranslation inc. and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Since you have a unique Affiliate Page URL (found on your Personal Information Page) you can email this link to friends and family or post this link on other websites, etc. When visitors click on your Affiliate Page Link they will be sent directly to this Affiliate Page.

NOTE: Remember that any images or links you place within this html will need to be "absolute" linked to their appropriate location on your own server. In other words, all links must contain the "full URL" (i.e. http://www.yourwebsite.com/images/yourimage.gif). "Relative" links will not work within this html (i.e. /images/yourimage.gif). Also, your html must include ONLY table tags and below. Meaning, no html, head, or title tags. Your html must start and end with table tags. Finally, do not use css class tags for your text properties. Use only font tags.

TranslationClassifieds Affiliate Terms and Conditions
  • The TranslationClassifieds Affiliate program only offers representation to sites which have been approved by the FreeTranslationClassifieds reviewing team. Membership as a TranslationClassifieds Affiliate is exclusive and is only offered to professionally designed, content web sites. Not all web sites are accepted into our program. Those that are accepted enter into a business relationship with wedotranslation inc. and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

  • PAYMENT: Unique Visitors. A "unique visitor" is defined as a maximum of one visit from any IP/Cookie combination per day.

    The last day of each month, wedotranslation inc. will total all accumulated click-throughs, and commissions for each affiliate. An e-mail will be sent automatically to each Affiliate after the 15th of the following month. This is the due payment date, notifying the affiliate of the amount of the cheque to be sent. The cheques will be processed and sent via regular mail within 7 business days.

    Payments: TranslationClassifieds Affiliates will get paid 20% commissions for each sale that occurs from an affiliate link. Affiliates who are ranked as "Top 30 Affiliates" for a given month will be eligible for 25% commissions. If you upgrade to Gold Member you will be eligible for 30% commissions. This status has to be maintained until the 15th day of the next month when a monthly update procedure is run. All affiliates are paid once a month. No cheques will be disbursed for an amount of less than $35 US. If the money owed to the affiliate is less than $35 US, the amount will be added to the next month's total.
    • You understand and agree that you are acting as an independent contractor and as such will be responsible for your own taxes and any other tax liabilities that affect the sales of our product/service in your state/province-country.
    • We are not responsible for any errors that may be present in the 'Affiliate' feature of the software.
    • An e-mail notification will be sent to you automatically whenever a purchase is made. You can match these notifications up with the commission report you receive at the end of each month.
    • We will not make a referral payment for any transaction in which the payment has not been fully received, or for any transaction that has been rejected for any reason.
    • We are never responsible for paying any interest to the Affiliate for accrued but not yet delivered Referral Payments.
    • If the transaction incurs a chargeback, or if the online transaction is not completed in every way, no Referral Payment is due to the Affiliate. If one has already been paid, then it will be deducted from an active Affiliate's accrued Referral Payments; otherwise it will become due immediately from the Affiliate (or former Affiliate).
  • Payment Limit: Once approved, you are automatically qualified to receive up to US $5,000 per month in payments. If you feel that your site may generate more sales, please contact us here to arrange a payment-limit increase.

  • We reserve the right to withhold payment to any affiliate that exhibits questionable click-through activity.

  • Two-Tier Traffic-Bonus Rules: For each 1000 credits earned from traffic to TranslationClassifieds you will be paid bonus of $5 US and $2 US for each 1000 credits generated by affiliates you sponsored. You must produce at least 1 sale per month in order to receive a traffic bonus.
    • You will be eligible for the above bonuses if you yourself collect at least 500 credits each month.
    • Only credits from traffic count. (NO CREDITS FROM SIGN-UPS)
    • You will have to collect an amount of more than $35 US from your total commissions from sales and bonuses to receive a check. Any outstanding amounts will be added to the next month's total.
    • Any report of spamming will result in termination of your account and all unpaid commissions will be lost.
    • All visits to TranslationClassifieds are verified by checking IP addresses and cookies, which result in allowing only one visit per day to TranslationClassifieds from a single IP/Cookie combination. If we find that somebody is using any methods which will attempt to mislead our system whether by modifying cookies or browser headers, autospawning of browsers, automatic redirecting of users, or any other technique of generating automated click-throughs we will terminate such an account without warning and all unpaid money will be lost.
    • If we detect that any affiliate is creating multiple accounts and after our warnings continues doing so by using different email addresses and different web sites, such an account will be terminated and all unpaid money will be lost.
    • We don't approve any adult content at the time when the site is visited by our reviewer. In case an affiliate site changes to display adult content and/or an affiliate ad at TranslationClassifieds is modified to contain any adult related words and/or an affiliate ad points to an adult site, such an account will be terminated and all unpaid money will be lost.
    • An affiliate may not use guaranteed click-through programs to generate clicks to our site. These clicks are proved to be the reason for members of these programs to only earn credits but not generate genuine visits to the TranslationClassifieds site. If we find that an affiliate is using any of these programs to send visitors to our site, his/her account will be terminated and all unpaid money will be lost._If you are not sure if your program belongs to the above category, contact us to obtain our approval. The following sites won't contribute to affiliate credits even if clicks are generated:
      . hits-central.com
      . hitharvester.com
      . cashbreak.com
      . clixmania.com
      . webmasterquest.com
      . nomorehits.com
      . downlinedepot.com
      . clicksilo.com
      . trafficg.com
      . web-meld.com
      . monsoonhits.com

  • This list is not exhaustive and any traffic produced by similar sites shall not be counted towards affiliate credits. If we determine that traffic is being sent from the sites above or sites similar to the above, we reserve the right to terminate your account or remove the account's ability to earn credits through traffic.

TranslationClassifieds BANNER PLACEMENT RULES:

Banner Ad Space Location. While the TranslationClassifieds Affiliate banner being the sole banner on the upper third of the affiliate's web site page is preferred and has been proven to increase click-through rates, the affiliate has option of choosing the placement. However, the TranslationClassifieds banner should not be grouped together with multiple affiliates' banners on the same page. In case other banners are placed, the TranslationClassifieds banner should be placed at the top of the page. The TranslationClassifieds banner may not be placed on pages that contain no content or "Under construction" notices.

  • Multiple Pages. The affiliates may place the TranslationClassifieds code on all appropriate pages within their web sites.

  • Code Integrity. You may not alter TranslationClassifieds insertion code. If you need to do that, you must ask us for approval.

  • Languages. Currently, English, French and Spanish language sites are accepted into our program.


If you are joining the TranslationClassifieds affiliate program with the intent to fraudulently generate click-throughs, please be advised we have the means to detect this activity. Fraudulent activity may result in non-payment, removal from the program, and legal action.

Automated and forced click-throughs: Autospawning of browsers, automatic redirecting of users, or any other technique of generating automated click-throughs is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to require users to click on the TranslationClassifieds banner(s) ad(s) before entering any area of your web site.

Spam. You may not use unsolicited e-mail or inappropriate newsgroup postings to promote your web site. You may not encourage others to click on our advertisers' banners in any way including, e-mail and newsgroup postings.



Right of Refusal. wedotranslation inc. may at any time refuse to include any web site as a TranslationClassifieds affiliate. This includes any web site that is found to be inappropriate at wedotransaltion inc.'s sole discretion. Web sites that will not be accepted as affiliated sites include, but are not limited to:
  • Sex (Nudity, Eroticism)
  • Software Pirating (Warez, Cracking, etc.)
  • Hacking or Phreaking
  • Illegal MP3 files
  • Any Illegal Activity Whatsoever

  • TranslationClassifieds affiliates are expected and required to adhere and comply to the letter and to the spirit of the TranslationClassifieds "terms of use -- terms of service" and its policies regarding privacy and prohibited content, as posted and revised from time to time on the TranslationClassifieds web site.

    TranslationClassifieds constantly monitors affiliated sites content to assure compliance.

    Single Account: Any person, company, or affiliated group may have only one account. Each account however may cover multiple domains and web sites. All activity will be consolidated into one report.

    Cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel member status at any time effective immediately upon sending an electronic message to the e-mail address that you have provided.

    Content Copyright. You guarantee that all content on your site is legal to distribute and that you own or have the legal right to use any and all copyrighted material.

    Automatic Renewal. This contract shall be automatically renewed for successive periods and may be cancelled immediately by either party at any time by notification in writing via e-mail.

    Indemnification. Affiliate agrees to indemnify and hold wedotranslation inc. harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, expenses, losses, damages, attorney fees arising from any and all claims and lawsuits for libel, slander, copyright, and trademark violation as well as all other claims resulting from affiliate's web pages.

    Modifications. wedotranslation inc. reserves the right to change the member terms and conditions at any time. You are responsible for complying with any new rules posted here within 10 days of the date changes are posted. Please contact us if you have questions about the interpretation of any term outlined herein. For special circumstances, modifications to these rules may be made if approved via e-mail from an authorized wedotranslation inc. representative. Modification requests should be submitted using this form.

    In case of dispute. You agree to settle any dispute under this agreement via binding arbitration in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.

    ©Copyright 2008 wedotranslation inc. – www.wedotranslation.com – www.freetranslationclassifieds.com – All Rights Reserved.