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TranslationClassifieds Mission & Values

TranslationClassifieds Mission and Values


Our primary mission is to foster cross-cultural communication and understanding within the global translation business community.

Our goal for this web site is that it will act as a business and commercial networking medium for the translation community on a global scale. The primary objective of this site is to provide a business marketplace where individuals and organizations interested in translation can find the resources they need or offer their services.


We do what we do with integrity with our primary objective being the empowerment of the visitors, users and clients of this web site through choices that help them solve problems.
We represent and act with honesty and professional competency.
We avoid actions that could be construed as a conflict of interest.
We honour contracts, striving for clarity and mutual understanding through good communications.
We respect the legal rights of others.
We respect the privacy of others.
We actively pursue personal and professional growth through training and mentoring.
We foster a business climate respecting all people regardless of ethnicity, cultural or religious background, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.
We will not disclose any information learned and/or transmitted during the performance of our services without the express approval of all parties or when required by law.

What We Do

We operate as a marketplace for products and services of particular interest to the global translation community. Our highest priority is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.
We are based in Canada and operate throughout North America. Our ambition is to extend our operations globally through the delivery of internet-based services.
The network of goods and services providers that work with us via this web site offer a wide range of competitively priced products and services of particular interest to the translation sector and the global linguistics community.

We recommend that buyers of products and services:
  • deal only with highly qualified translators who have demonstrable expertise in both the target and source language of translation;
  • use only native language speakers in relation to the target language particular to any individual translation project or product transaction;
  • use service providers who recognize and respect the religious, cultural, social and political sensibilities of their intended audience.

All inquiries are welcome. Please send questions, comments or suggestions to TranslationClassifieds Customer Service.
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