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StoreFront Setup Instructions

A. Ordering a StoreFront Subscription

Step 1 Once you are logged in, access your "My Account" home page.

Step 2 From the "My Account" page, click on "my account information".

Step 3 Scroll down the page and you will see a "renew/extend your subscription" link. Click it.

Step 4 Select the desired payment type and click "Submit My Choices".

Step 5 After you have submitted your payment for the StoreFront Subscription access the "my account information" page again. You should now see a "Storefront URL" link. Click it.

Step 6 If your storefront is setup correctly, you will see an empty StoreFront with a "StoreFront Manager" that can be moved and/or minimized.

B. Inside of StoreFront - Overview

Shown above is the default StoreFront Template.
  • 1. This is the main site's logo.
  • 2. You can upload your own logo.
  • 3. Use this space for a welcome message, slogan, or any other text you would like visitors to see when they visit your StoreFront.
  • 4. This section allows you to set up your own category structure for your store. By default, the very first link will be your username, but it can be changed to anything you would like, such as the name of your store. If this is your first time accessing your StoreFront, there will be no categories. They must be added using the StoreFront Manager as outlined below.
  • 5. This section is for your additional pages. You can have as many as you would like. Use these to put information for your customers. Again, if this is your first time to visit your StoreFront, you will see no links. The pages must be created.
  • 6. Visitors can input their email address to subscribe to your newsletter. The newsletter is also discussed in the next section.
  • 7. This is where your auctions and or classifieds will be displayed within your StoreFront. If this is the first time in your StoreFront, you won't have any listings showing here.

C. Setting up Your StoreFront - Using the StoreFront Manager

You will use the site's StoreFront Manager to set up your StoreFront. The StoreFront Manager is in the form of a window that can be dragged and repositioned on your screen. You are the only user that can see this StoreFront Manager, as it will only appear when "you" are logged into your own StoreFront. It can be minimized and repositioned out of the way if desired. This section will explain all of the StoreFront Manager's features.

This is how your StoreFront will appear if you are logged in and viewing your own StoreFront.

Categories Tab

  • Add a Category - use this to add a category to your StoreFront.
  • Edit a Category - Select the category you wish to rename, enter the new name, and click save.
  • Delete Category and Move Listings To - The first box is the category you wish to remove, the listings in that category will be moved to the category selected in the second box.
  • Sort Categories - Use this to change the order that categories appear in your Categories Menu.

Pages Tab

Main Page View

Page Edit View
The pages section will appear in one of two different ways depending on where you are in your storefront. If you are currently viewing one of your extra pages, the StoreFront Manager will display a WYSIWYG for the current page.
  • Add a Page - Enter the name of the desired page (as it will appear in the "Pages" menu), and click save.
  • Edit a Page - Pages that you have added will appear here. Click to edit the page.
  • Page Name - This is the page name as it appears in the editor menu. Edit the text and click save to modify the name.
  • Page Link Text - This is the page name as it appears in the "Pages" menu. Edit the text and click save to modify the name.
  • Page Body - This is the page body of the document. Edit the text and click save. The WSYIWYG also allows the HTML to be edited directly (Click the "HTML" button that appears right below the "Format" dropdown box.)
  • Delete a Page - Click "Save" to delete the page. Be careful, deleted pages cannot be recovered.

Display Settings Tab

  • Logo - Click browse to locate a banner (on your pc) for your StoreFront. Once selected, click save.
  • Welcome Note - This allows you to input text or HTML for your welcome note.
  • Home Link - This is the first list item in the "Categories" menu. By default, it is your site username. Edit the text and click save.
  • Current Template - This allows you to select different "looks" for your StoreFront (if additional templates are provided by the Site Administrator).
  • StoreFront Activity - This must be turned ON for other users to view your StoreFront!

News Letter Tab

The newsletter is sent to people who have subscribed to it on your storefront.
  • Subject - This is the subject of the email to be sent.
  • Body - Enter text or HTML to be sent as the body of the newsletter email. Click send when message is ready. Click only once!
  • Archive - This is a list of your previously sent newsletters.

Subscribers Tab

A newsletter can be sent to visitors who have subscribed to it through your StoreFront.

This lists the number of subscribers and their emails.

To remove a subscriber, click their name (CTRL+CLICK to select multiple items) and then click save.

Traffic Reports Tab

This shows the number of unique and total visits for the last seven days.
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