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The Importance of Language-Learning

Why should we learn a foreign language? After all, the whole world speaks English. Well, there's some truth in this argument, but only some. There are many reasons for learning a new language:

Personal Development
By learning a new language, you gain new horizons, but at the same time you reinforce your own identity, and therefore also your self-confidence. A foreign language can contribute to a stronger personality.

Cultural Reasons
It is a fundamental truth that cultures define themselves through languages. A foreign language gives you access to another culture. It gives you the ability to communicate and to exchange views with people all over the world that you would otherwise not have the chance to know.

Educational Reasons
Learning a foreign language opens up a whole new dimension. It has a positive effect on intellectual growth and it enriches and enhances mental development. Learning a foreign language is especially effective at an early age. It greatly benefits reading and writing in one’s own language; there's evidence that, like musical education, it contributes significantly to the development of individual intelligence.

Economic Reasons
In a globalized world characterized by international links and intercultural connections, linguistic skills are crucial for employment and career. The knowledge of foreign languages increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.

What makes Rosetta Stone different from other language-learning products?

With the Rosetta Stone Language-learning Software you can learn a new language the way you learned your first as a child – naturally!. The award-winning program doesn't require tedious translation, memorization, or grammar drills. Plus, it’s guaranteed so there’s nothing to lose. If you're not satisfied, you can return any CD-ROM product within 6 months for a full refund! Try the Free Online Demo now and see how it works!

Benefits of the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software:

  • Choose from 30 Languages: Used by the U.S. Army, Fortune 500 companies, NASA, and over 10,000 schools worldwide!
  • Learn All 4 Language Skills: Our balanced curriculum includes listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Available Online or in CD-ROM: Use Rosetta Stone on your personal computer or access anytime anywhere with just an Internet connection!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: All CD-ROM products are backed by our unconditional 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee – There’s no risk!
  • Native Speakers & Speech Recognition: Improve your speech by imitating a native speaker.
  • No Tedious Memorization or Translation: Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills.

Success With Languages (Routledge Study Guides)

Beginning to learn a completely new language can be a daunting prospect. You may have not studied for some time, lack confidence, or simply wish for some practical guidance on making the most of your language study. Success With Languages is designed to help all students to develop the skills they need to become an effective language learner.

Written by experienced teachers of languages at the Open University, Success With Languages offers crucial and practical advice on such crucial areas as:
  • Choosing your language and study program
  • Becoming an effective learner
  • Setting personal goals for language learning
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Using ICT to support your language learning
Each of the ten chapters contains a number of exercises, in order to help you assess the way that you learn and consider how it might be improved.

While designed primarily for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying courses that involve a language component, this study guide is relevant to anyone learning a language in any situation. Whatever your motivation and goals, Success With Languages will help you realize your potential and open your mind to new cultures, peoples and their heritage.

Startup Business Chinese: An Introductory Course for Business Professionals This first level of a projected three-level series is geared to those who are learning Chinese specifically to do business in China. The dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary are designed for beginners, but with an added emphasis on business communication: negotiating, socializing, establishing and maintaining good relationships. Extensive notes help with navigating cultural differences in business or daily life. Over 600 vocabulary words in Level 1 prepare learners to handle basic daily corporate interactions.

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Learn Chinese with ChinesePod.com
Learn Chinese with free lessons, vibrant community, web review, vocab study & more.

Comparison of 4239 language courses for 20 languages in 46 countries. Language school & language study - online reservation system & discount booking.

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