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Mainstream IT-Based Translation Resources

  • TRADOS: The SDL.com website describes the Trados software solutions as "... technology ... to help the translation supply chain to deliver high quality multilingual content quickly and efficiently. Comprising corporate language departments, translation agencies and a worldwide network of professional freelance translators, SDL provides the standard solution for technology across this community... Comprising corporate language departments, translation agencies and a worldwide network of professional freelance translators, SDL provides the standard solution for technology across this community."
  • SDLX Interactive Translation System
  • Déjà Vu: The www.atril.com website describes Deja Vu as"... the most powerful and customizable CAT [computer-aided translation] system. Combining state-of-the-art TM [translation memory] technology with EBMT (Example-Based Machine Translation) techniques aka Computer-Aided Translation Technology, Deja Vu provides an unmatched breakthrough in productivity and consistency, whether you are an in-house translation department, a translation solution provider, or a freelance translator.

    "However, Deja Vu X is not just a TM tool. It is a full-featured, integrated translation environment with many additional translation and project management features that radically increase productivity and consistency. Whatever file formats you work with, Deja Vu X presents a uniform interface, displaying only translatable text and protecting any coding information. So there's no need to worry about overwriting formatting and layout information, or to buy and learn a number of different DTP and software development tools.

    "And Deja Vu X is customized for each user group: the high-powered Workgroup edition for corporations and translation service providers; and the sophisticated Professional and Standard editions for freelance translators."

  • Across
  • AcroLexic - Software Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • AnyCount - Word Count and Character Count Software
  • CATCount - Trados-Compatible Computer Assisted Translation Tool for Easy Word Count
  • ClipCount - Clipboard Character Count and Word Count Software
  • ExactSpent - Time Tracking Software for Translators
  • MetaTexis
  • URUSoft Subtitle Workshop - Freeware subtitle editing tool
  • OmegaT - Free translation memory application written in Java
  • Projetex - Project Management Software for Translation Agencies
  • Wordfast
  • Star
  • Systran
  • Alchemy CATALYST
  • PASSOLO - Software localization tool
  • Language Studio
  • RC-WinTrans - Translation software for Windows resource files and Windows applications
  • Lingobit Localizer
  • RWS Localization Tools freeware
  • Resx Editor - Translator-friendly resource file editor
  • Multilizer - Localization tool for different platforms
  • ABBYY PDF Transformer
  • FineReader - PDF and ODF conversion applications
  • ErrorSpy
  • Restorator - UI editor for Windows Programs
  • CompleteWordCount - Free template for Microsoft 2000 and later versions
  • PractiCount and Invoice - Word Count and Line Count Software for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF
  • Textalyser - Online text analysis, wordcount, keyword density analyzer, prominence analysis
  • TO3000 - Accounting and Marketing Software for Freelance Translators
  • Translator's Abacus - Free word count program for HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF and text files
  • WebBudget - Text-counting and budgeting tool for HTML files and projects
  • FreeBudget - Freeware text-counting and budgeting tool for .rtf, .doc and .txt files
  • Total Assistant - Text-counting tool, counts the text Microsoft Office ignores. It can handle multiple files of differing formats including Word documents, HTML, Acrobat PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint and more
  • QuickCount - Word, line, page, and character count tool for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, XML, SGML, ASP, PHP. Free for members of Translatorsbase and Directfreelance
  • Smartlink - Language and translation software for English and Russian
  • Search and Replace - Fast search and replace utility for Win 3.x/95/NT
  • PractiSearch - Freeware Web search tool
  • Translator's Advanced Resource Editor - This new utility will convert resource files into Excel spreadsheet files and then back again to allow easy editing with Excel
  • Babylon Tool - Glossary and information tool
  • WinLexic - GUI to Microsoft Glossaries for Technical Translators and Technical Translation Agencies

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Thinking Spanish Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Spanish to English (Thinking Translation)

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