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Translation Bookstore

Find New and Used Translation Books and Multi-Language Reference Material in The Translation Classifieds Bookstore. If you have surplus translation books, translation software or translation reference material, why not list it FOR SALE in the TRANSLATORS' STORE.

Spanish Translation Store

With 150 million Spanish speaking people in North America and an estimated 40 million+ of them surfing the internet, it may be time to avail yourself of some Spanish language resources. Find a Spanish language website translation service near you.

Translation Software Store

Have you surfed the web in South America lately? Do you know what your Spanish-speaking markets are thinking or what your competitors are saying and doing in other languages? Translation software isn't just for translators. Give your business a competitive advantage with any one of the high quality language translation applications available in the Translation Software sub-category of this website or in our embedded amazon.com powered Translation Software Store.

View a selection of the world's leading Translation Software brand name applications:

The Traveling Linguist

"When in Rome..." Get maximum value out of your travel dollars, Nothing beats being prepared and there's no experience like mixing with the locals. What better place to find the language travel resources than on a website frequented by linguists and the global linguistics community.

TranslationClassifieds.com: Everything the web has to offer in terms of books, reference material, software and hardware that is of particular interest to translators, as well as the translation and linguistics community can be found here. In addition to the full selection of amazon.com books and supplies we offer a broad selection of name-brand material from the linguistics community: SYSTRAN; Babylon; LingvoSoft; Rosetta Stone; Transparent Language; LanguageCourse.net; SmartLink; Praxis Language... and much, much more.

Visit the 'Hidden' Directories on Translation Classifieds:

∞  Global Directory of Online Dictionaries & Terminology

∞  Global Directory of Translation Associations

∞  Global Directory of Translation Schools

∞  Selected Listing of Online Translation Tools

∞  Directory of Translation Directories, Guides and Portals

∞  Directory of Open Source and Machine Translation Software


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  Many Language Learning Programs to Choose From:   Visit the Translation Classifieds

  Rosetta Stone Language Training Store

  • Dokumentation ohne Grenzen - Creators of the QA software for translators, ErrorSpy, and other language related programs. Demo versions available.
  • Free Translation Resources - A links list of free online translation sites, paid translation services and translation software.
  • GoTranslators - Directory of translators in 30 languages.
  • Globank - Bilingual dictionary in English and Spanish, in the economic, financial and trade fields.
  • Guilde EuropĂ©enne des Traducteurs - Find translators and translation companies. Membership information and news.
  • InfoMarex International Translator Database - A database of translators and translation agencies for over 120 languages.InfoMarex is an international panel of translators and agencies world-wide. InfoMarex is also an agency itself accepting projects from clients. Professional translators are world-wide and work in 126 target languages.
  • International Forum - Forum for translators, discussing various issues. Offered in several languages.
  • Interpreter Training Resources - Tips, techniques and exercises for the skills of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting as well as ideas on advanced level language learning.
  • Language and Translation - Links to hundreds of online dictionaries and translation engines and thousands of specialized glossaries. Also translation software downloads, forum, related news, articles, and links.
  • The Largest Glossary Collection of the World - Very large list of glossaries by this Italian translator.
  • Metrolanguage Technologies - Sells an e-business platform for language companies, allowing customers, interpreters and employees to share information.
  • mTranslator - Online translation management tool, for keeping track of one's translations. Includes ability to manage large translation projects. Trial registration.
  • Project/Translation - An open-source web-based enterprise resource planning system for translation agencies with Trados integration, internet collaboration, translation workflow and accounting.
  • Projetex - Project management software for translation agencies, with workflow management, data and files sharing, and team settings.
  • ProZ.com - Community and tools for translators, with free resume listings and forums. Members area for job listings.
  • Schreiber Publishing - Biblical and Jewish translation and language reference resources, self-training courses and dictionaries.
  • Source Translations - Database for translation and localisation in over 30 languages.
  • Tradu Guide - Portal for translators and agencies with database and search function.
  • Translate to Success - Timothy Warnock's business page with tips and articles on various industry issues.
  • Translation and Subtitling - List of articles about subtitling.
  • Translation Articles by WTB Language Group - Various articles on translation related topics written by staff of a translation company.
  • Translation Central - Various tools and programs translators may find useful, and various translation information.
  • Translation Guide - Guide to translators, free on-line translators, translation software and language identification tools.
  • Translation Israel Net - Links to translators, dictionaries, forums and publications.
  • Translation Net - Translation tools, information, and systems.
  • Translation Office 3000 - Business management software for freelancers. Automated job search, project management and accounting, and agencies database.
  • TranslationJob - Portal for freelance translators to view jobs by clients, with payment terms.
  • transref - Directory of translators and translation tools.
  • TranslationZone - Directory of translators by language skills and industry expertise. Articles on the translation industry.
  • Translator Planet - Portal for translators and clients posting jobs. Member section, several languages.
  • TranslatorsCafe - Directory of translators, interpreters and translation agencies.
  • Translators' Directory - Free translator directory in a variety of languages. Submission form via e-mail.
  • Translator's Office Management - Software specifically for translators manages customer and translator information, prices, projects, generate invoices and offers.
  • Translators on the World Wide Web - Internet translation services offering translation services worldwide via e-mail.
  • Verbumsoft translatorsbase - A source of translation jobs with tools and services to help translation businesses.
  • Worldwide Translator Database - Free database registration.
  • WWW Sift - Mailing list for discussing WWW search interfaces and multilingual web sites where parallel texts are available. About 10 messages per month.

Transparent Language

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