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From its early beginnings as a translation agency over 15 years ago, wedotranslation inc. adopted a new corporate identity (2006), expanded the scope of its activities and has become a service provider to the global translation community.

wedotranslation inc. is a family owned enterprise. We are dedicated to providing clients with the tools necessary to compete in today's market by bridging the business to business communication gap in the translation industry. In brief, our primary mission is to foster cross-cultural communication and understanding within the global translation business community.

The president (Benoit Comeau) is a successful businessman with over 20 years of business experience operating from his corporate home base in Ottawa, Ontario -- Canada's national capital. He is a graduate of Carleton University (BA High Honours in legal and translation studies.)

Benoit's two family partners in the business are his eldest and youngest daughters: Marie-Josee (MJ) Comeau and Chantal Hopps respectively.

MJ is the holder of a diploma in Information Technology. Prior to her joining the firm, MJ garnered extensive experience in the IT sector, working in middle management technical support roles for some of North America's largest IT and telecom companies. She also has extensive experience in sales and customer service, notably in the software industry.

Chantal is an experienced communicator and a graduate of the University of Ottawa (BA Sociology). She came to the firm after gaining experience working in the non-profit sector, including an overseas stint with Canadian Crossroads International, an NGO partly funded by CIDA that is active in development projects in West Africa, Southern Africa and the Andean region of South America.

Benoit, Chantal and MJ have all travelled extensively and together have been to virtually every corner of North America, Europe and Australia. We pride ourselves in having a global outlook and our ambitions reflect this viewpoint. We invite you to contact us with any business ideas or proposals as we seek to forge partnerships with like-minded people and organizations from every corner of the world.
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