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The basic information you need to place a listing on this website can be found on the HOW THIS SITE WORKS page. Your second stop would likely be the PRICING page.

Briefly, basic listings in most categories are free to individuals and/or freelancers for the first 30 days. Part of our growth strategy is to attract quality content for as large a proportion of our listings as possible. Therefore, members who place listings that are considered of Content Contribution Value by the site administrator will qualify for listing credits (i.e. free listings or extensions on existing listings). Refer to our Content Contribution Credits listing for details.

Clever marketers can both sell and be informative at the same time. We would be more than pleased to hear from you about our Content Contribution Credits program and we are prepared to negotiate generous listing arrangements with active original content contributors.

Our basic approach to all who contact us with a proposal is "Let's make a deal!" Everything is negotiable: display ads; number of listings; banners; dedicated pages; advertorials; etc. Our objective is to strike arrangements that are of fair and equal value to all parties. In other words "Win-Win". Other than what's already been stated here and in other pages on the site, our general rule general rule of thumb in assessing collaborative arrangements is that the material that is posted on this site should be generally relevant and of interest to buyers and sellers who are active in translation community in particular and the more generally the linguistics community.

So do get in CONTACT with us!

Tips and advice on how to get the most out of your classifieds

# Title
1 Writing a good ad title
The title of your ad is arguably the most important aspect as this is what people see in the categories and search results...
2 Writing a good description
Having a good description can be the difference between making the sale or not making the sale. It's important to try and put yourself in the position of the ...
3 What makes a good ad?
The most successful ads are usually ones that have a clear concise title, a thorough and accurate description with good punctuation, clear pricing, excellent im...
4 What to avoid when creating an ad
When creating an ad you should avoid adding any irrelevant information that dosen't relate directly to the content of the ad as this can confuse buyers. Spelli...
5 Using appropriate images in your ads
Having a Storefront membership allows you to upload up to six (6) images to each ad. Uploading multiple images of the item you're advertising allows yo...
6 My ad is getting a lot of views but not many replies
If your ad is getting a lot of views but not many replies, that's a good indication that you've created an ad with a good title which is attracting people to cl...
7 My ad is not getting many views
If your ad is not getting many views, it usually means that you've either placed your ad in completely the wrong category so the potential customers browsing th...

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