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What makes for a good ad ?

What makes for a good ad ?

The most successful ads are usually ones that have a clear, concise title, a thorough and accurate description with good punctuation, clear pricing, excellent images and any other information that is relevant, such as shipping costs, etc.

When writing your ads it's important to try and put yourself in the position of the type of buyer you're trying to attract, and ask yourself what you' would want to see if you were interested in buying. Then write your ad accordingly.

Generally speaking, if there were two ads advertising the same item and one of them was clear and concise with lots of information and the other ad was basic with little information, the ad with more information will vastly outperform the basic one.

Ads with little information or bad punctuation send 'bad vibes' to buyers who will look elsewhere to buy.

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Related Resource: Words that Sell, revised and expanded edition "A thesaurus that works as hard as you do . . . you'll wonder how you ever managed without it." -- Advertising Age Listing more than 2,500 high-powered words, phrases, and slogans, Words that Sell is the ultimate reference for anyone who needs instant access to the key words that make the difference in selling.

Arranged by category for handy reference, it covers everything from "snappy transitions" to "knocking the competition," from "grabbers" to "clinchers." There are 62 ways to say "exciting" alone; 57 variations on "reliable"!

Whether you are selling ideas or widgets, Words that Sell guarantees the expert sales professional an expanded, rejuvenated repertoire and the novice a feeling of confidence.


  • Cross-referencing of word categories to stimulate creative thinking
  • Advice on targeting words to your specific market
  • Tips on word usage
  • A thorough index
  • A concise copywriting primer
  • A special section on selling yourself
The first real improvement to the thesaurus since Roget, Words that Sell is an indispensable guide to helping you find great words fast.

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More Words That Sell - A companion to the bestselling Words that Sell, the next definitive advertising word-and phase book.

More Words That Sell is packed with 3,500high-powered, idea-generating words, phrases, and slogans, arranged by category and purpose (example categories include Power Words, Sounds, Technology, Youth Market, and dozens more). Containing checklists and other helpful features like its bestselling predecessor Words That Sell--but with literally no overlapping words--it will be valuable for devotees of that classic book and new fans.

More Words That Sell includes:

  • Power words for heightening impact
  • Positive personal qualities for selling oneself
  • Cliche's to avoid
  • Color names beyond just red, white, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Words that reflect current trends in popular culture
With all words reflecting current use in advertising and media, and sections covering internet marketing and advertising, More Words That Sell will be a must-have word and-phrase reference for writers of all types.

More than 3,500 words, phrases, and slogans guaranteed to hit your target with power and precision--every time!

In today's highly competitive, quick-hitting marketplace, choosing the correct words is vital to the success of your message--far too vital to be left to chance! More Words That Sell provides you with more than 3,500 high-powered, high-profit words, phrases, and slogans that have proven their ability to hold readers' attention as you deliver your message and to persuade them to respond.

Taking up where the bestselling Words that Sell left off, More Words That Sell supplies you with all-new tools for fine-tuning your copy and hitting the hot buttons of your target audience. Nearly thirty alphabetically arranged, special-purpose categories help you quickly locate exactly the words you need to:

  • Make readers feel your message instead of just read it
  • Add muscle to your copy by using powerful verbs and adjectives
  • Find the right words and phrases for niche markets
  • Boost results by using words that appeal to basic human needs
  • Invite interaction from website visitors--and bring those visitors back
  • Create a favorable impression with resumes and cover letters as well as with general business correspondence such as reports and memos
  • Use colors, fragrances, sounds, and textures for vivid sensory appeal
Ask any veteran writer and you'll be told that one word can make or break a message. Finding that word under the pressure of a tight deadline, however, can be difficult if not impossible. LetMore Words That Sell help you choose the words that will boost the effectiveness and profitability of your message--whether you're promoting products, ideas, your business, or yourself.

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