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Using appropriate images in your ads

Using appropriate images in your ads

A number of our listing and storefront packages allow you to upload up to six (6) images to each ad.

Uploading multiple images of the item you're advertising allows you to show potential buyers exactly what you're offering and can be the difference in making a sale or not.

However, just because you can upload 6 pictures doesn't necessarily mean you should. Moreover, you should only upload images that relate directly to the item being advertised in that ad since uploading irrelevant images can easily confuse buyers.

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Related Resource: Visual Persuasion: The Role of Images in Advertising

The role of images in advertising is explored in a fine survey of the visual aspects of marketing programs. Pictures can evoke emotion and desire and easily become associated with products. The author, Paul Messaris delves into how this happens, exploring underlying viewer assumptions, image relationships, and connections between photography and reality.

The pictures in TV commercials, magazine ads, and other forms of advertising often convey meanings that cannot be expressed as well, or at all, through words or music. Visual Persuasion is an exploration of these unique aspects of advertising. By virtue of their ability to simulate the appearance of the physical world, pictures can become surrogate objects of desire or other emotions which ads subsequently associate with products. By exploiting viewers' assumptions of a direct, automatic connection between photography and reality, images can serve as proof of advertising claims. Because of the implicit nature of visual argumentation and the relative lack of social accountability that images enjoy in comparison with words, pictures can be used to make advertising claims that would be unacceptable if they were spelled out verbally. Using these characteristics of visual persuasion as a starting point, this important book analyzes a variety of commercial, political, and social-issue advertisements. A separate chapter examines the role of pictures in cross-cultural advertising.

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Images That Sell: 500 Ways to Create Great Ads

Images That Sell shows you how to motivate people with images. With clarity and insight, it explains:

  • How consumers respond to advertising images
  • How to choose the right image for your product or service
  • Which images attract the most attention
  • Which images are the most easily memorized
  • How you can communicate more persuasively with your visuals
Reproducing over 500 high-powered ad images in full color, this book delivers practical answers to questions that arise in all image-based media: magazines, posters, daily and weekly newspapers, subway and bus ads, brochures, and catalogs.

Images That Sell is ideal for business people and advertisers who require quick access to the world of ad images, along with a presentation of strategies that they can use to increase the power and appeal of their advertising. It is easy to read and it offers numerous tips, techniques, and ideas for creating great ads.

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