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My ad is getting a lot of views but not many replies

My ad is getting a lot of views but not many replies

If your ad is getting a lot of views but not many replies, that's a good indication that you've created an ad with a good title that is attracting people to click and view your ad, but something in your ad content is making them lose interest once they read it.

It can also mean that your pricing is too high but the most common reason is either a poorly written description or no price being listed. Ads usually get a higher response rate when they display a clear title, clear and thorough description, and accurate pricing.

When writing your ad description, it's important to try and put yourself in the position of the type of person that you're trying to attract and ask yourself what information you would like to see if you were the person interested in what the ad has to offer.

Ads with images or photos get a lot more attention than those without. Images are worth a thousand words as we all know and are the best way to describe something as they clearly show the potential buyer exactly what it is that is being offering.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are very important in all aspects of your ad, and you should be careful not to write in all capital letters as it looks 'spammy', unprofessional, and can be very hard for people to read.

Adding multiple images and a clear and concise description can also have dramatic effects on the performace of your ad.

The performance of your ad depends almost entirely on how well your ad is written, just the same as if you were advertising in a newspaper, a billboard, a magazine or anywhere else.

If you're getting a good amount of views for your ads and not many people responding, that's entirely attributable to what you have written in your ad.

As you write your own sales literature (your ads), what you write in your ad, the images you include and how you price your products is what determines whether you'll make a sale or not, just the same as if you had a mail order catalog, a website, or if you purchase advertising in a magazine, newspaper, billboard or anywhere else. This is why it's important to spend time creating your ads, putting yourself in the position of the type of buyer you're trying to attract.

If you have an e-mail address or a link to your own website included in your ad, people will usually either e-mail you directly or click through to your website for more information rather than respond to your ad through TranslationClassifieds.

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