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My ad is not getting many views

My ad is not getting many views

If your ad is not getting many views, it usually means that you've either placed your ad in completely the wrong category so the potential customers browsing that category have no interest in your ad, or you have a poorly written ad title.

Titles are the most important part of your ad as that is what people see and click on when they're browsing a category, and our search system searches your title when somebody runs a search so the title needs to be accurate and contain words that people are likely to search for to find what you're offering.

If your ad title is not attractive to the people browsing ads in the category in which you placed it, they simply won't click on it to read your description, just the same as they wouldn't if they were skimming through ads in a newspaper or anywhere else as they're only going to read your ad if the title catches their attention and makes them want to read more.

Examples of bad titles:
PIEBALD female

Examples of good titles from the above examples:
Yellow labrador puppy for sale
1981 For Mustang for sale
Piebald female Royal python hatchling for sale
Make extra money stuffing envelopes from home

Grammar, spelling and punctuation are very important in all aspects of your ad, and you should be careful not to write in all capital letters as it looks 'spammy', unprofessional, and can be very hard for people to read.

You should also avoid outragous claims such as "MAKE $1 MILLION IN ONLY 7 DAYS" and stick to the facts and write an honest and realistic ad.

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Sugarman walks you step by step through the entire copywriting process—from getting prepared to researching products and markets to getting ideas down on paper and polishing them to a brilliant sheen. He explains the vital elements that make great copy and explores the emotional triggers that convince consumers to buy. Sugarman gives you all the tools and tactics you need to write the same kind of effective selling copy that has brought him fame and fortune.

For anyone who wants to break into the advertising business, or ad pros who just want to get better at what they do, this is the ultimate companion resource. Complete with real examples of high-quality copy for various media, this practical and authoritative guide will tell you everything you need to know to write great copy—and get ahead in the cutthroat world of advertising.

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