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Translation Software for Spanish, French, Russian  

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IdiomaX Translation Suite: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German text translation software for Windows

Transwhiz English/Chinese Bi-directional Translation (Professional Version): AI machine translation technology; Fuzzy search translation memory; PDF document translation; WORD Workbench; Automation Server Support; English/Chinese text-to-speech.

Transwhiz English / Chinese Bi-directional Translation 9.0 (Standard Version): Direct Translation with MS Office; PDF Document Translation; Multi-Window Integrated Translation Working Platform; Remote Server Translation Support; Automated Program and Grammar Updating; Webpage Translation; Convenient Mouse-Point Instant Translation; Text-to-Speech (English & Chinese) Capability; Conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

English <-> Spanish bidirectional text translation software for Windows. Home Edition : English-Spanish-English context-sensitive Text Translation; Word translation from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, Synonyms English to English and Spanish to Spanish; Huge Collection of Idioms/Phrasal Verbs; Bidirectional or Concurrent Spell Checkers allow revision of English or Spanish texts separately, or texts which contain both English and Spanish.

Transtar 6.0 (English/Chinese & Chinese/English)

Kingsoft Translation Express 2005 Pro
  • Instant translation between English <-> Chinese and Chinese <-> Japanese for all popular documents such as Microsoft IE, Office, Outlook, etc. without change the format and layout of the original documents.
  • Comprehensive dictionary database including 6 general and 49 specialty dictionaries to handle complex contents and multi-professional articles.
  • Rich set of Chinese localization packages (over 1200 packages) for the localization of all popular software such as ACDSee 5.0, winamp3 etc., which allow you to convert you web site and software into Chinese edition permanently.
  • User-friendly Chinese/English interface puts all the tools right on one click bar, making translation very easy. (You need to know some Chinese to install and use this product.)
  • Artificial intelligence technologies employed in this software for high quality translation results.

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FOSS Translation Memory Programs
  • OmegaT: free and open source translation memory program written in Java. Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Sun Open Language Tools: free and open source XLIFF-based translation memory suite. Windows, Mac, Linux
  • ForeignDesk: free and open source CAT tool, released by Lionbridge. Windows only.
  • Transolution: another FOSS XLIFF package, written in Python. Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Heartsome: XLIFF translation memory program that is neither free nor open source, but runs on Linux and supports OpenOffice.org file formats. Windows, Mac, Linux

High-quality Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish translation software.

linguatec Personal Translator 2008 Advanced - World Edition.

linguatec Personal Translator 2008 Advanced English-Chinese.

Discover SYSTRAN Translation Software version 6.0

Translation Software for Spanish, French, Russian

Transparent Language

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