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The Language Landscape in North America: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Greenland, Bermuda and the French islands of St-Pierre et Miquelon

See also: Overview of the Global Language Landscape: Number of Internet Users and Languages in Use on the Worldwide Web


  • Population: 33,390,141 (estimate @ July 2007)
  • Languages Spoken: English (official) -> 59.3%; French (official) -> 23.2%; Other -> 17.5%
  • Internet Users: 22 million (@ 2005)


  • Population: 303,824,646 (estimate @ July 2008)
  • Languages Spoken: English -> 82.1%; Spanish -> 10.7%; Indo-European -> 3.8%; Asian and Pacific island -> 2.7% ; Other -> 0.7% [population numbers @ 2000 census; note: Hawaiian is an official language in the state of Hawaii]
  • Internet Users: 208 million (@ 2006)


  • Population: 108,700,891 (estimate @ July 2007)
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish, various Mayan, Nahuatl, and other regional indigenous languages
  • Internet Users: 22 million (@ 2006)


  • Population: 56,344 (estimate @ July 2007)
  • Languages Spoken: Greenlandic (East Inuit), Danish, English
  • Internet Users: 38,000 (@ 2005)


  • Population: 66,163 (estimate @ July 2007)
  • Languages Spoken: English (official); Portuguese
  • Internet Users: 42,000 (@ 2005)


  • Population: 7,036 (estimate @ July 2007)
  • Language Spoken: French (official)
  • Internet Users: not available

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Find New and Used Translation Books and Multi-Language Reference Material in The Translation Classifieds Bookstore. If you have surplus translation books, translation software or translation reference material, why not list it FOR SALE in the TRANSLATORS' STORE.

Spanish Translation Store

With 150 million Spanish speaking people in North America and an estimated 40 million+ of them surfing the internet, it may be time to avail yourself of some Spanish language resources. Find a Spanish language website translation service near you.

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Have you surfed the web in South America lately? Do you know what your Spanish-speaking markets are thinking or what your competitors are saying and doing in other languages? Translation software isn't just for translators. Give your business a competitive advantage with any one of the high quality language translation applications available in the Translation Software sub-category of this website or in our embedded amazon.com powered Translation Software Store.

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The Traveling Linguist

"When in Rome..." Get maximum value out of your travel dollars, Nothing beats being prepared and there's no experience like mixing with the locals. What better place to find the language travel resources than on a website frequented by linguists and the global linguistics community.

TranslationClassifieds.com: Everything the web has to offer in terms of books, reference material, software and hardware that is of particular interest to translators, as well as the translation and linguistics community can be found here. In addition to the full selection of amazon.com books and supplies we offer a broad selection of name-brand material from the linguistics community: SYSTRAN; Babylon; LingvoSoft; Rosetta Stone; Transparent Language; LanguageCourse.net; SmartLink; Praxis Language... and much, much more.


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