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The Language Landscape in Semarang, Indonesia:

Population: 1,393,000 (estimate @ 2003)

  • Languages Spoken: Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay); English; Dutch; local dialects (the most widely spoken of which is Javanese)
  • Source: Wikipedia

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    Find a translation company in Semarang in the Translation Classifieds listings. SEMARANG translation companies with multiple locations across Indonesia are listed in this Translation Classifieds listings category. Semarang translation companies are also listed in the other Indonesian cities in which they have offices.

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    Indonesia Language Resources

    Find New and Used Translation Books and Multi-Language Reference Material in the Indonesia Translation Classifieds language resources category. If you have surplus translation books, translation software or translation reference material, why not list it FOR SALE in the TRANSLATORS' STORE.

    Chinese Translation Bookstore

    With 253 million Chinese people surfing the internet, it may be time to avail yourself of some Chinese language translation resources. Find a Chinese language resource in the Free Translation Classifieds Chinese Translation Bookstore.

    SEMARANG Translation Software Store

    Have you surfed the web in Indonesia lately? Do you know what your Indonesian markets are thinking or what your competitors are saying and doing in other languages? Translation software isn't just for translators. Give your business a competitive advantage with any one of the high quality language translation applications available in the Translation Software sub-category of this website or in our embedded amazon.com powered Translation Software Store.

    View a selection of the world's leading Translation Software brand name applications:

    The SEMARANG Traveling Linguist

    "When in Rome..." Get maximum value out of your travel dollars, Nothing beats being prepared and there's no experience like mixing with the locals. What better place to find the language travel resources than on a website frequented by linguists and the global linguistics community.

    Semarang TranslationClassifieds.com: Everything the web has to offer in terms of books, reference material, software and hardware that is of particular interest to translators, as well as the translation and linguistics community can be found here. In addition to the full selection of amazon.com books and supplies we offer a broad selection of name-brand material from the linguistics community: SYSTRAN; Babylon; LingvoSoft; Rosetta Stone; Transparent Language; LanguageCourse.net; SmartLink; Praxis Language... and much, much more.


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